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Efficacy of tennis elbow (Epicondylitis humeri radialis) treatment in CBR "PRAXIS".

Džemal Pecar, Dijana Avdić


Tennis elbow (Epicondylitis humeri radialis) is the most frequent reason that patients with elbow pain report to a physician. The exact cause of elbow pain is still unclear. However, it is certainly causally connected with connective intersection between forearm muscle and bone in the elbow region.

In this paper, we analyzed patients that, over the period of 15 years, reported to “Praxis” clinic for elbow pain treatment (Epicondylitis humeri radialis). Of the total number of 228 patients, 126 were male, 101 female while one patient was younger than 14. Initial analysis established that average overall health condition grade was 2,87 at the onset of treatment. Following the treatment completion that grade was 4,48.

Of the total number of 223 patients who were treated by combined method of manipulation and local corticosteroid instillation, eight patients received physical therapy as well. Thus, surgical treatment was not necessary in any patient.

The patients’ treatment included:

Application of manipulative methods in order to reestablish mobility in the “blocked” radio-humeral and the upper radio-ulnar joints.

Local instillation of corticosteroid depot in order to control inflammation (enthesitis) and thus, eliminate pain and establish physiological conditions for functioning of joint and local structures. Unlike conservative method which includes initial immobilization due to irritation and inflammation development prevention with concomitant analgesic and antirheumatic therapy, initial application of manipulation with reinstatement of joint mobility instead of immobilization with subsequent instillation of steroid preparations achieves functional restitution and fast reinstatement of full working ability, as a rule.


Epicondylitis humeri radialis; manipulation; drug therapy

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