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BJBMS attracts about 200,000 online visits per month to its content. In addition, the print issue is distributed in 300 copies to researchers and members of numerous societies, academic and research institutions, and libraries worldwide.

We offer a range of services to companies to support promotional and educational activities: 

Print Advertising

More than 300 institutions and libraries throughout the world receive the print issue of the BJBMS and each one of these copies is referred to, again and again, ensuring your message is constantly reinforced. Your advertisement has greater prominence and visibility through the high editorial to advertisement ratio, increasing the impact of your product, service, conference, book, etc.


Your own promotional literature can be delivered to our readership by adding an insert into the BJBMS print issue.

Online advertising


The fastest-growing medium for promotion. All the features of the BJBMS website are freely available to readers. The Journal's website receives more than 50,000 visits per month.

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Newsletters and Table of contents E-mail alerts

Themed Newsletters provide an overview of the Journal's contents on a selected topic and are sent to highly specific subscribers matched to the Newsletter topic (usually up to 500 carefully selected researchers), thus maximizing the impact of your advertisement.  

Table of contents E-mail alerts are sent to more than 20,000 subscribed readers.

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Edna Skopljak, MD
Editorial coordinator

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship of a collection of content or a whole subscription to BJBMS represents a highly effective and proven opportunity to position your company as a major provider of editorially independent, timely, and indispensable educational material for the research and/or clinical community. Contact for more information.

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A 20% discount will be given to nonprofit organizations, if so specified.

Agency commissions

Up to a 20% commission will be allowed to advertising agencies.