The Reviewer of the Month for October 2022


We proudly announce that the Reviewer of the Month Award for October 2022 goes to Noemí Kaoru Yokobori, PhD.

As a means to promote the hard work and dedication invested “behind the scenes” in order to improve scientific publications, each month, BJBMS Editors select a reviewer who performed the best amongst all the reviewers in the current month. Selection is based on the quality, thoroughness, and timeliness of the review. It is a difficult task for our Editors, as they try not to underestimate the time and efforts of each of the reviewers who reviewed for the BJBMS in the current month.

Noemí Kaoru Yokobori, Ph.D., a researcher at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council Buenos Aires, has a particular research interest in the epidemiology of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis and immune response and bacterial fitness of its etiological agent. In addition, Ms. Yokobori collaborates in the discovery of novel biomarkers for the diagnosis of sepsis.

We asked Noemí Kaoru Yokobori, Ph.D., about the importance and other aspects of the peer-review process in general:

Peer-review is an essential component of the scientific machinery. Many thoughtful reviewers helped improve my own manuscripts and I hope my comments can be helpful for other authors. However, academic publishing still needs improvements and the challenges are further magnified for the scientists working in the Global South, in terms of access to published information but also to the possibility of disseminating our results. In this context, I think that the peer-review process gives me a singular opportunity to make a little contribution to science.

BJBMS congratulates Noemí Kaoru Yokobori, Ph.D., and wishes her many awards and recognitions in the future.