The Reviewer of the Month for April 2023: Dr. Ioana-Miruna Balmus


We proudly announce that the Reviewer of the Month Award for April 2023 goes to Dr. Ioana-Miruna Balmus.

As a means to promote the hard work and dedication invested “behind the scenes” to improve scientific publications, each month, BiomolBiomed Editors select a reviewer who performed the best amongst all the reviewers in the current month.

Ioana-Miruna Balmus, Ph.D., is a Biology and Molecular Genetics researcher at the Department of Exact and Natural Sciences, Institute of Interdisciplinary Research, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania. Her special research interests include aspects of Neurophysiology and Neuroscience: animal models of neuropsychiatric disorders and diseases with neurophysiological components, such as irritable bowel syndrome, animal behavior and Molecular Biology. She is also interested in the molecular aspects of oxidative homeostasis, particularly the effects of oxidative stress on Neurophysiology. Other important aspects of her research include the effects of genetic polymorphisms on Neurophysiology and the ways in which different polymorphic variants of genes influence the phenotypic manifestations of various diseases.

We asked Mrs. Balmus about the importance and other aspects of the peer-review process in general:

I think that the peer-review process must have two important roles in the researcher’s work:

(1) to provide feedback regarding their research interests and results;

(2) to ensure the quality of the results they obtain. In this context, I think that a good peer-review process must be characterized by an objective and competent view.

BiomolBiomed congratulates Ioana-Miruna Balmus, Ph.D. and wishes her many awards and recognitions in the future.