Influence of Splitting on Dissolution Properties of Metoprolol Tablets

  • Edina Vranić Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sarajevo
  • Alija Uzunović Institute for Quality Control of Medicines
Keywords: metoprolol, extended release, tablet splitting, dissolution profile


The objective of this work was to compare several profiles of dissolution data for metoprolol controlled release tablet formulations in order to identify possible changes in dissolution profiles of whole and scored tablets. Adequate design of score lines (on one or both sides) as well as the technology of preparation of tablet mixtures ensure forming a score line of adequate thickness, shape, size, curvature. According to the obtained results, this type of extended release formulation is eligible for splitting and use in therapy either as a whole or scored tablets.


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Vranić E, Uzunović A. Influence of Splitting on Dissolution Properties of Metoprolol Tablets. Bosn J of Basic Med Sci [Internet]. 2009Aug.20 [cited 2019Nov.22];9(3):245-9. Available from:

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