In regard to the change of the editorial board and the advisory board of the Bosnian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences


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The most vital part of a scientific journal is the Editorial board and Advisory board. So, it is never good that the composition of these boards lasts longer than 2-3 years.

With the first number of BJBMS in 2014, a new composition of the Editorial board and Advisory Board of this journal was published. They consist of eminent scientists with adequate qualifications from nine countries and who can actively contribute to the good management of the journal and its further development. Their tasks will be:


  • - Supporting and promotion of the journal (being true ambassadors of the journal),
  • - Writing editorials, reviews and commentaries on works from the field of their expertise,
  • - Giving opinions and suggestions on the management and policy of the journal, with the timely identification of the upcoming challenges.


Commitment to upholding the ethics of publishing with impartiality and confidentiality, the fight against plagiarism and multiple or simultaneous publication of articles will remain a priority in the work of the Editorial Board and Advisory Board of BJBMS. Also, the newly appointed boards will continue to work in the way of protection of copyright for authors who were victims of plagiarism. In this sense, the editor in chief, together with the Editorial Board will take measures in accordance with the guidelines of the Committee for Ethics in publishing [1].

Quality assurance in publishing and also in BJBMS is focused on the detection of forged data, images, and plagiarized articles. In its future work Editorial Board of BJBMS is obliged to pay attention to supporting academic integrity, ensuring the integrity of academic records and intellectual property. This latter implies:


  • - Request for evidence of ethics for the approved research, that is, authors will be asked to prove that they obtained the consent of the patient for the study or in the case of experiments on animals, which methods were used so the animals would not suffer?
  • - Ensuring that reports of clinical trials are in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki [2], good clinical practice [3] and other relevant guides secure participation,
  • - Ensuring that the reports of experiments and animal studies provided in accordance with the guide of healthy and humane service care and the use of laboratory animals [4] and of other relevant guides,
  • - Adopting systems for detecting plagiarism in submitted works,
  • - Supporting the authors whose copyright has been infringed or who were victims of plagiarism,
  • - Readiness in the defence of the rights of authors (i.e. demanding the withdrawal or removal of materials from websites, journals, etc.)


Regarding the above mentioned members of the new Editorial Board and Advisory Board, I wish them to achieve equally good results in forthcoming work, such as those achieved by their predecessors in the period of 2010 – 2013.



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