What can you expect from the Bosn J Basic Med Sci (BJBMS) in 2011?

  • Bakir Mehic Bosnian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences
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Scientific communication has become global and almost instantaneous, and as the Editor in Chief, I feel that it is my duty to present you with the BJBMS as one of the main platforms highlighting the increasing advancements in the basic medicine.

The BJBMS aims to cover the broadness of basic medical science and also make the link between the basic research and clinical studies and vice versa. In this we fully depend on you, as potential authors submitting manuscripts to our Journal. But the mainstay of the Journal is top-quality original science. Which studies receive the highest priority? This obviously strongly depends on novelty, the relevance of the research question, and on the strength of the design and data. We also feature strong cell biology and animal studies, which provide the scientific basis of the clinical sciences. As many of you know, we love novel technology, so new molecular methods, imaging and proof-of-concept therapy receive relatively high priority in our Journal.

The BJBMS reaches out to you through the web, at www.bjbms.org and of course in its printed form, which arrives on your doors every three months. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the electronic BJBMS has about 1500 visits per month! It’s twice more than in the same time last year. The largest number of visitors is from Bosnia & Herzegovina, USA, Serbia, Turkey, India, Croatia, etc. We will continue to make a positive selection of the best papers, which at the time being means we accept one in five/six submitted manuscripts.

Based on the above, we will adjust our 2007 instructions to authors at our journal. This is based on the uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals1. Please read it, because it is meant to assist you in getting your manuscripts up to the currently advocated international quality standards.

All this illustrates a delightful balance between dynamics and innovation on the one hand, and consistency and experience on the other. This is the way we like it; this is our BJBMS.


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