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Angina Pectoris and Physiological Coronarographic Findings

Mehmed Kulić, Elnur Tahirović, Zina Lazović


Angina pectoris may be associated with normaln coronary arteries. Normal coronary arteries status is defined as absence of visible disease or the irregu-larity of lumen (less than 50%) as assessed visually on the interventional cardiologists. In our retrospective study among 1130 patients we have identified 181 patients with normal angiographic findings with various risk factors, as male sex, body mass index (BMI), lipid disorders, smoking, hypertension, diabetes mellitus type 2. The analysis results suggest that 56.3% patients of 181 verified normal coronary findings involve female patients with high BMI, unregulated hypertension and lipid disorders. In order to find real causes of chest pain, patients with normal coronary status need careful examination and treatment. The reduction of risk factors and adequate medications are important precon-ditions for the good quality of life in these patients.


angina pectoris; normal coronarographic findings; risk factors

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