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Alcohol Sclerotherapy in the Treatment of Symptomatic Simple Renal Cysts

Safet Omerović, Enver Zerem


The aim of this study was to evaluate the results of percutaneous drainage with single-session alcohol sclerotherapy in the treatment of symptomatic simple renal cysts. Thirty patients (16 men and 14 women, average age 54,7±11,3 years) with simple renal cysts were treated by ultrasound guided percutaneous aspiration and single-session alcohol sclerotherapy. Patient demographics, clinical characteristics, treatment outcome and complications were analyzed.

Average reduction of cyst volume was 91,2%. Complete and partial resolution occurred in 10 (33%) and 14 (47%) cysts, respectively. Six cases were defined as failure with reduction of cyst volume <80%. Flank pain improved in all patients, regardless of complete or partial resolution. Minor complications occurred in 8 patients. The hospital stay was one day for all patients.

Treatment of simple renal cysts is indicated when the cysts are sufficiently large and cause complaints or when associated with complications. Percutaneous treatment with alcohol sclerotherapy of benign renal cysts can be performed safely and effectively.


interventional ultrasound; ethanol sclerotherapy; percutaneous treatment

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