Hexagon TB for the Rapid Diagnosis of Lung TBC in Praxis


  • Mensura Ašćerić Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology University of Tuzla, School of Medicin
  • Alma Nadarević Health Care
  • Sevleta Avdić Health Care
  • Muamera Vrabac-Mujčinagić Health Care
  • Sabrija Nukić Health Care
  • Zulfo Mujčinović Health Care




Hexagon TB, Tuberculosis, Rapid diagnosis


Hexagon TB is intended for the rapid diagnostics of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is a contagious and epidemic disease. According to the data published by WHO, 3-4 millions of patients are diagnosed with this disease annually. In 2004, 107 new cases were discovered in the area of Tuzla Municipality. Annual incidence of this disease is 62,9 per 100 000 inhabitants in Bosnia and Herzegovina; 28,9 in Slovenia; 33,2 in FYRM; 48,5 in Croatia; 41,8 in Serbia and Montenegro. Western European countries have rather low rate of the disease - 5-10 cases per 100 000 inhabitants. Efficiency of Hexagon TB examination method was tested on 100 patients. The subjects were patients with clinical symptoms of active TBC infection, persons who were in contact with TBC patients and persons earlier cured of TBC. All the subjects were tested with Hexagon TB, and the results were compared against lungs X-rays and sputum test for BK and LÖW. Hexagon TB is intended for rapid, qualitative detection of IgG, IgA, IgM antibodies against M. tuberculosis and mycobacterium in human serum, plasma or whole blood as an aid in the early diagnostics of tuberculosis infections for professional use. Hexagon TB was positive in 11 of the examined patients. 10 patients had changes suggesting TBC. 1 patient was directly positive for BK and 3 patients were positive for LÖW. Of all the examined patients, 3 were positive for all tests positive.

According to our results, Hexagon TB has significant importance in practice of rapid TBC diagnostics compared to lungs X-ray and examination of sputum for BK and LÖW



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