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Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Activity and Nitric Oxide Level in Serum of Patients with Dehydration

Jasminko Huskić, Filip Čulo, Sajma Dautović, Nedžad Mulabegović


Pediatric post-traumatic elbow contracture can occur as result of the various injuries of area of the elbow joint. The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of the physical therapy and rehabilitation on the range of the motion of the elbow joint in the post-traumatic elbowcontractures in the childhood. We analyzed in this research 54 children (average age 9,4+/-3,15 years) that were treated because of posttraumatic elbow contractures. Kinesitherapy, occupational therapy and other procedures physical therapy are used in the management. Range of the motion of the elbow was measured at the beginning and the end of the therapy for every child. Functional outcome was presented in degree from 1 to 3 (Flynn). Satisfied result of the therapy at the discharge was in the 94, 45% of the children and 74, 07 % of the children had excellent result The difference in the grade at the beginning and the end of the therapy is statistically significant (t= 13,72, p<0,001). Significant improvement of the range of the motion in the elbow joint in the children with post-traumatic elbow contracture is attained by physical therapy.


Angiotensin converting enzyme; nitric oxide; serum; dehydration

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