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Application of Euroscore in “Heart Center Sarajevo”

Ermina Mujičić, Mario Ivanuša, Edin Omerbašić, Slavenka Štraus, Omer Perva, Nermir Granov


Our aim was to evaluate risk stratification model, European System for Cardiac Risk Evaluation (logistic EuroSCORE) for patients treated in clinical hospital. EuroSCORE is useful to separate patients into risk groups so that the mortality and morbidity risk can be compared. From 1st January 2006 to 31st July 2006 the total of 124 adults have been operated and were classified according to the EuroSCORE algorithm. We have compared correlation of the predicted mortality and observed mortality (as death within the 30 days following the operation) and frequency of postoperative complications. All patients were divided into three risk groups. The low risk group had 30 patients with 0 death (0%) and 1 morbidity (3,33%). The medium risk group had 59 patients with 0 death (0%) and 4 morbidity (6,77%). The high risk group had 35 patients with 2 death (5,71%) and 5 morbidity (14,28%). Mortality in our clinic is much less than predicted mortality and we can be satisfied with our results. Incidence of complications after cardiac surgery is between 25 and 40% (STS database). Our results are within that range. We recommend logistic version of EuroSCORE as good and simple method to predict postoperative prognosis.


risk model; cardiac patients; EuroSCORE

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