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A plea for an extension of the anatomical nomenclature: Organ systems

Vladimir Musil, Alzbeta Blankova, Vlasta Dvorakova, Radovan Turyna, Vaclav Baca


This article is the third part of a series aimed at correcting and extending the anatomical nomenclature. Communication in clinical medicine as well as in medical education is extensively composed of anatomical, histological, and embryological terms. Thus, to avoid any confusion, it is essential to have a concise, exact, perfect and correct anatomical nomenclature. The Terminologia Anatomica (TA) was published 20 years ago and during this period several revisions have been made. Nevertheless, some important anatomical structures are still not included in the nomenclature. Here we list a collection of 156 defined and explained technical terms related to the anatomical structures of the human body focusing on the digestive, respiratory, urinary and genital systems. These terms are set for discussion to be added into the new version of the TA.


Anatomical terminology; anatomical nomenclature; Terminologia Anatomica

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