Brunkow exercises and low back pain


  • Emela Mujić Skikić Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Dept.- Rashid Hospital
  • Suad Trebinjac Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Dept.- Rashid Hospital
  • Slavica Sakota Center for Paraplegia - KCUS Sarajevo
  • Dijana Avdić Orthopedic and Trauma Clinic “KCU Sarajevo”
  • Aida Delić Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Dept. - Dubai Hospital



Brunkow exercises, low back pain, spinal mobility


Brunkow exercises starting with dynamic contraction of hands and feet with fixed point on the wrist or/and heal. Dynamic contraction from the beginning, transferring through kinetic chain, leads to isometric contraction of the group of muscles, which has to be included in the exercise. Starting positions determine the group of muscles to be trained. The purpose of this study is to investigate influence of Brunkow exercises on spinal motion improvement and pain relief and to evaluate use of Brunkow exercises, as a routine method for lower back pain in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Centres. Thirty-four patients with symptoms of low back pain were included in study. Patients received a mean of 14.9 treatments with standard deviation of 8.96. All patients were assessed before and after the treatment for spinal mobility and flexibility as well as pain intensity. All parameters for spinal movements showed statistically significant improvement in patients with low back pain who practiced Brunkow exercise program at the end of treatment in relations to pre-treatment values, with significant difference of p<0.01 for all motions. Pain was reduced on VAS for X=1.,7 with S.D. 1.97. Difference Test was t=6.020 with significant difference p<0.01. Flexibility of spine increased, so average difference in values before and after treatment for Shober test was 0.5 cm with SD 0.65. Difference test was t=3.794 with significant difference p<0.01. Brunkow exercises for low back pain are beneficial treatment for increasing flexibility and mobility of spine and improving the pain.


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Brunkow exercises and low back pain






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