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We have completed publication of seven authors’ oral presentations given on 15. February 2003. at Symposium “Scientific, ethical and religious dilemmas on the status of human embryo and its cloning”.

This journal invokes increased interest amongst workers engaged in almost all the fields complementary to basic research and implicit to biological as well as biomedical science.

In the situation when financial and human potential of our country border on existence and the young and the talented continuously migrate to the developed and wealthy countries, integration of all the existing resources and research teams and presentation of their research results seems to be possible only in a journal capable of combining them all.

However, we are certain that our cooperation with the developed scientific communities will result in repatriation of scientists from our country who work there successfully, and in their integration into environment which they left not only to ensure existence for themselves but also to satisfy scientific curiosity and become competent modern experts.

With all the sincerity, we offer to them collaboration in the presentation of their research results in our journal, as well as joint realization of scientific research.

May, 2004

Editorial Board


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