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Anatomical-clinical investigations of variations of the human coronary arteries

Aida Hasanović, Faruk Dilberović, Fehim Ovčina


Variations of the human coronary arteries have always attracted the attention of many researchers. A review of the literature shows that variations can cause ischemic heart disease or sudden cardiac death. The aim of the investigations was to examine the existence and clinical significance of variations of the human coronary arteries. Special attention has been focused on myocardial bridging of the coronary arteries and coronary arteriovenous fistula. Our investigations were carried out on the human hearts at the Department of Anatomy and on patients at the Cardiology Department of University Clinical Centre in Sarajevo. Using the method of dissection and coronary angiography we established the existence of variations of the coronaryarteries (variations of origin, distribution) on the human hearts without macroscopic visible changes as well as on patients with ischemic changes (angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, congenital cardiovascular malformation etc.). We established the higher incidence of ischemic changes on patients with variations of coronary arteries.


coronary arteries; variations; ischemia; dissection; angiography

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