Psycho-Social Characteristics of Cannabis Abusing Youth


  • Ifeta Ličanin Psychiatric Clinic, University of Sarajevo Clinics Center
  • Amira Redžić Department of Biology and Human Genetics, School of Medicine, University of Sarajevo



adolescence, cannabis, abuse, psychosocial, peer, delinquency


It is a well known fact that drug abuse is most common in early adolescence. The most popular substances among youth are cannabis products (made from Cannabis sativa L., Cannaba-ceae). The majority of heroin and cocaine addicts have started with marijuana. The aim of this study is to show some psycho-social characteristics of adolescents who abuse cannabis. Research conducted during the year 2001 was epidemiological and prospective. The study group included 600 adolescents of equal gender and age distribution. Q 2000 questionnaire was used, as a comprehensive tool for all aspects of adolescent life. The results show strong peer impact on one’s behavior. Youth who use cannabis had 2-3 friends of the same behavior, compared to others who had none. We found positive correlation between life stressful events and cannabis abuse. We also noticed tendency to delinquent behavior related to cannabis abuse (35%).



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Psycho-Social Characteristics of Cannabis Abusing Youth




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