Endodontic-periodontal locally delivered antibiotics


  • Amela Lačević Department of Dental Pathology and Endodontics, Faculty of Stomatology
  • Edina Vranić Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Irfan Zulić Department of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Clinical Pharmacology, University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Medicine




local delivery, antibiotics, delivery devices, periodontal, root canal


Endodontic pathology is a bacterial disease. It is well established that periapical disease is the result of bacteria, their product, and the host response to them. Periradicular disease will occur after microorganisms and their metabolic products affect the periradicular tissue. Aim of using antibiotics as part of a treatment regimen is to achieve, within the periodontal environment, a concentration of the drug that is sufficient either to kill (bactericidal) or arrest the growth (bacteriostatic) of pathogenic microorganisms. There are two possible approaches to improve the drug action: sustained and controlled drug release to reduce or eliminate side effects by improving the therapeutic index and site-specific drug delivery to minimize systemic effects. These two strategies have been explored by the association of drugs with different vehicles, either naturals or synthetics. A wide variety of specialized local delivery systems (i.e.intrapocket devices) have been designed to maintain the antibiotic in the GCF (gingival crevicular fluid) at a concentration higher than the MIC (minimum inhibitory concentration). Fibres, films, strips and microparticles made of biodegradable or non-biodegradable polymers have been reported as effective methods to administer antibacterial agents for periodontal therapy. Together with these solid devices, semisolid adhesive or non-adhesive formulations have also been proposed.


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Endodontic-periodontal locally delivered antibiotics








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